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Theparentsshop.com website is owned by the company MILATU LTD. whose registered office is in Cyprus, Spyrou Kyprianou 41-43, Megaro Patroklou, P.C. 7104 Larnaka, hereinafter referred to as MILATU LTD.). By using this website the visitor/user must read carefully these terms of use and visit/use the pages/services of Theparentsshop.com only if you accept them fully. If you browse this website, it is presumed to be aware of the terms of use, to accept them and to waive from any waive that may come about from its visit to Theparentsshop.com. Theparentsshop.com may at any time modify these terms of use. The visitors/users shall be responsible to regularly check if any amendments of these terms have been made. The use of Theparentsshop.com after the aforementioned amendment shall be considered as acceptance of the terms of use, as amended. It is strictly prohibited to use Theparentsshop.com in case of non-acceptance of any term of use.

Will these Terms ever change?

We are constantly trying to improve our Services, so these Terms may need to change along with the Services. We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time, but if we do, we will bring it to your attention by placing a notice on theparentsshop.com website, or by sending you an email. Except for changes by us as described here, no other amendment or modification of these Terms will be effective unless in writing and signed by both you and us.


The website Theparentsshop.com is a product directory that discovers and presents curate products for parents from all over the world, that can save and buy from the producers or from other eshops.

Theparentsshop.com is a third party connection platform, where users, visitors and sellers can have purchase transactions . That means that we are not part of any transaction, therefore we are not responsible nor guarantee the proper execution of the transaction and/or for any quality, safety, or legal issues that may arise between users, visitors and sellers during or after the execution of the transaction


The website Theparentsshop.com is owned by MILATU LTD. and it is protected by applicable international and local provisions of Law 59/1976 on copyright, as it applies. Apart from the explicit exceptions (copyright of third parties, colleagues and bodies), the whole content of Theparentsshop.com, including images, graphics, photos, designs, drawings, texts, tools and computers, of the provided services and in general of all files of this website shall be copyright, registered trademarks and service marks of Theparentsshop.com and MILATU LTD. and they shall be protected by the respective provisions of Cyprus, European and international convention and treaties.

Visitors/users are allowed to download, share on social media, sent by by mail the material of Theparentsshop.com to another user and print the material included in the website, send links with the articles of Theparentsshop.com for, on the condition that no intellectual or industrial property rights are affected, and that no trademarks are modified, altered or deleted. This license may be revoked at any time. Other products or services mentioned on the webpage of this node and bearing trademarks of respective organizations, companies, associate partners, unions or publications, shall be their own intellectual property and therefore these bodies shall be exclusively responsible.

MILATU LTD., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to add, amend and/or remove at any time any element and/or information included therein, as well as to interrupt, temporarily or permanently, partly or in whole, its services without any warning.


MILATU LTD. is bound to protect the personal data of the visitors/users of www.Theparentsshop.com and comply with the respective international provisions regarding the processing of personal data (Protection of Individuals) of Law of 2001 (Law 138(1)/2001), as they shall apply. Therefore, no information regarding personal data of the visitors/users shall be collected unless voluntarily provided by them. The provision of personal data is not required for browsing Theparentsshop.com or accessing its content. The visitor/user shall provide his/her personal data only if he/she wishes to register for members services of Theparentsshop.com. In that case the visitor/user shall agree that all information provided to Theparentsshop.com are complete, correct, true, exact and valid and that in case of any change he/she will inform the respective service of Theparentsshop.com so as the registration information to remain complete, correct, true, exact and valid. The user’s personal data that must be necessarily complete are: user’s name, e-mail address, password. Providing this information , the user agrees to receive the Theparentsshop.com newsletter by e-mail at the declared e-mail address. By accepting the terms of use, he/she accepts the sending of newsletters from cooperating companies. The visitor is not obliged to fill in the above information that are his/her personal data, but without the aforementioned “compulsory” information he/she cannot register as member while he/she shall be entitled to browse the website, without being able to interact, that is to say he/she shall enjoy the rights and possibilities of simple visitors and not of registered users. Especially for the Newsletters, if the User wishes to stop being informed by Newsletters, he/she may be informed by e-mails that will include the Newsletter to be automatically deleted from this service only. If the user wishes to stop the totally or partly interrupt the communication for advertisement, he/she has only to send an e-mail at unsubscribe@Theparentsshop.com and declare his/her wish. The members remain exclusively responsible for all actions made under their personal password, their username and in general their account. The members agree to directly notify Theparentsshop.com for any unauthorised use of their account and any made and/or probable security breach. Furthermore, the members are exclusively responsible for the careful use of their account at the end of each use. Theparentsshop.com shall not be responsible for any damage or harm caused due to failure of the members to respect and comply with this clause. Upon registration to Theparentsshop.com the user consent their personal data to be used by MILATU LTD. as responsible for their processing by automated means or by the company itself or any person therefore appointed by MILATU LTD. by its order and for its account. The data submitted by the visitor/user at Theparentsshop.com shall be kept in a data base of a server and will be processed for the sole purpose to provide services to the users and in particular in order provide them with material adapted to their interests and preferences, as they result from the information notified by the users and in general for the support, promotion and execution of their relationship with them.

The communication of personal data by the users of Theparentsshop.com in the above way shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms of use of these data in accordance with these terms. In case the user does not agree with the aforementioned use of his/her personal data, he/she must not complete the respective fields.

Sellers area

Sellers have to register in order to post their product in Theparentsshop.com.

The following data has to be provided:

  • full name
  • e-mail
  • product link
  • product description

The post will be take place from theparentsshop.com stuff (product reviewer) after the successfully completion of sellers payment to his preferred pricing plan. Theparentsshop.com will review its product and refuse to post if it contains any prohibited item pursuant to the local or international laws or it doesn’t meet the quality standards.

Responsibility to Users and Visitors

a) No responsibility for the products

Users and Visitors agree and acknowledge that they have to independently verify the product’s quality, standards, licenses and specifications and make their own due diligence before purchasing a product. Theparentsshop.com is by no means liable for any product purchase made in reliance on any information available in the site.

c) No involvement in Users and Visitors purchase arrangements with sellers

Theparentsshop.com is not involved in any transaction between users, visitors and the seller. Users and Visitors acknowledge that any complaint , must be addressed directly to the seller.


Theparentsshop.com may use cookies to enable recognition of the visitor/user on certain services and pages of Theparentsshop.com. Cookies are small pieces of data saved on each visitor’s/user’s hard disc and they do not receive information about any document or file from their computer. They are solely used to facilitate access of the visitor/user to specific services of Theparentsshop.com and for statistical reasons so as to determine the fields where the services provided by Theparentsshop.com are useful or popular or for marketing reasons. The visitor/user of Theparentsshop.com may set the browser in such a way so as to warn him/her about the use of cookies of particular services of Theparentsshop.com or not to allow the acceptance of cookies in any case. In case the visitor/user of these particular services and pages of Theparentsshop.com does not wish to use cookies for his/her recognition, he/she cannot enjoy further access to these services.


The visitor/user understands and accepts that Theparentsshop.com reserves the exclusive right, without prior warning, to suspend the use of the password(s) to its services and/or to suspend the provision of its content to its visitors/users if it considers they have infringed the letter and spirit of these terms of use. Theparentsshop.com and MILATU LTD. cannot be held liable towards the visitor/user for the aforementioned suspension or for any case of claim related to it.


Theparentsshop.com and MILATU LTD. shall not be liable for any form of damage suffered by the visitor/use of the websites, services, selections and contents of Theparentsshop.com he/she accesses on his/her own initiative and responsibility (e.g. indicatively, but not limited to, damage due to illegal actions of third parties such as interception or decryption of codes and data, spread of viruses while using the website or downloading of parts of its content, to problems that may arise during the use of computers (e.g. loss of data etc.) etc.). Theparentsshop.com is used as it is, without express or implicit guarantee and depending on the availability. Theparentsshop.com and MILATU LTD. do not guarantee that the pages, services, selections and contents will be provided without interruption or errors, that this website will be safe, that errors will be corrected on this website or that the server that makes Theparentsshop.com available has no viruses or other harmful elements. In no case shall Theparentsshop.com and MILATU LTD. guarantee the accuracy, credibility, proximity, completeness or availability of the posted content. The cost of possible corrections or support shall weigh on the visitor/user and in no case on Theparentsshop.com.


Theparentsshop.com contains links to other websites. The interconnection with other websites via links is effectuated only for the visitors’/users’ convenience. These websites are outside the control of Theparentsshop.com and therefore Theparentsshop.com shall not be responsible for the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of their services. Theparentsshop.com is not responsible for any direct or consequential damage of the visitors/users resulting from the utilization of the interconnection capacities with another website via links or from the use of data and information contained in any similar website. Consequently, for any problem occurring during their visit/use, the visitor/user shall turn directly to the respective websites and webpage that hold all related responsibility for the provision of their services. In no case Theparentsshop.com should be considered that it confirms or accepts the content or services of these websites and the WebPages referred or connected to in any way.


These terms of use and the use of Theparentsshop.com website shall be governed by the Cyprus law and the applicable legal provisions of the European Union and the related International Treaties. If any provision of these terms is held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these terms will remain in effect. The Courts of Nikosia shall be competent for the settlement of any dispute that may arise from the use of Theparentsshop.com website or regarding the interpretation or implementation of these terms of use or in connection with