Privacy Policy

MILATU LTD. is bound to protect the personal data of the visitors/users of and comply with the respective international provisions regarding the processing of personal data (Protection of Individuals) of Law of 2001 (Law 138(1)/2001), as they shall apply. Therefore, no information regarding personal data of the visitors/users shall be collected unless voluntarily provided by them. The provision of personal data is not required for browsing or accessing its content. The visitor/user shall provide his/her personal data only if he/she wishes to register for members services of In that case the visitor/user shall agree that all information provided to are complete, correct, true, exact and valid and that in case of any change he/she will inform the respective service of so as the registration information to remain complete, correct, true, exact and valid. The user’s personal data that must be necessarily complete are: user’s name, e-mail address, password. Providing this information , the user agrees to receive the newsletter by e-mail at the declared e-mail address. By accepting the terms of use, he/she accepts the sending of newsletters from cooperating companies. The visitor is not obliged to fill in the above information that are his/her personal data, but without the aforementioned “compulsory” information he/she cannot register as member while he/she shall be entitled to browse the website, without being able to interact, that is to say he/she shall enjoy the rights and possibilities of simple visitors and not of registered users. Especially for the Newsletters, if the User wishes to stop being informed by Newsletters, he/she may be informed by e-mails that will include the Newsletter to be automatically deleted from this service only. If the user wishes to stop the totally or partly interrupt the communication for advertisement, he/she has only to send an e-mail at and declare his/her wish. The members remain exclusively responsible for all actions made under their personal password, their username and in general their account. The members agree to directly notify for any unauthorised use of their account and any made and/or probable security breach. Furthermore, the members are exclusively responsible for the careful use of their account at the end of each use. shall not be responsible for any damage or harm caused due to failure of the members to respect and comply with this clause. Upon registration to the user consent their personal data to be used by MILATU LTD. as responsible for their processing by automated means or by the company itself or any person therefore appointed by MILATU LTD. by its order and for its account. The data submitted by the visitor/user at shall be kept in a data base of a server and will be processed for the sole purpose to provide services to the users and in particular in order provide them with material adapted to their interests and preferences, as they result from the information notified by the users and in general for the support, promotion and execution of their relationship with them.

The communication of personal data by the users of in the above way shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms of use of these data in accordance with these terms. In case the user does not agree with the aforementioned use of his/her personal data, he/she must not complete the respective fields.